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Double girder cranes


SAMO produce Standard Double Girder Bridge Cranes for any services, light or heavy, for any needs. That Cranes can be controlled from the ground (with pendant push button or radio remote control) or from the cabin, on board.

Constructive simplicity of our machines allows to obtain a reduced weight carpentry, advantageous feature for support structures as columns, railways and industrial shed.

Versatility of our cranes is completed by under-hook accessories that covers any needs of materials handling into productive factories.

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Girder bridge cranes technical data

Gru a ponte bitrave 6,3Ton x 30 m (magazzino vetro)
Gru a ponte bitrave 30Ton x 30 m (produzione prefabbricati)
Gru a ponte bitrave 6,0Ton x 24 m (produzione vetro)
Gru a ponte bitrave 20+20Ton x 31 m (Produzione prefabbricati)
Gru a ponte bitrave 12,5Ton x 12 m (Officina)
Gru a ponte bitrave 20Ton x 15 m (Produzione prefabbricati)
Gru a ponte bitrave 70+30Ton x 20m (Stampaggio)
Gru a ponte bitrave 16Ton x 10m (C.le Idroelettrica ENEL)

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